Master List of Stories

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Grey's Anatomy does not belong to me. These are in order of oldest to most recent.

Harry Potter

The Sweet Hereafter
Summary: Sometimes pain and tragedy happen without reason. Hermione breaks away from the emptiness of a senseless war fifteen years in her past. Draco/Hermione. Written for dmhgficexchange.

The Sound of Paper
Summary: There are many things about this girl, even though she’s the only thing he’s got. Draco/Hermione. Written for dmhgficexchange.

All Is One Unchanging Present
Summary: The ears test words; the tongue, taste. Time and adversity test strength and reveal character. Draco Malfoy is about to be tested. Post-war. 22,307 words. Draco/Hermione. Written for dmhgficexchange.

They All Float
Summary: The water is deep. Post-war. Harry/Pansy, Draco/Hermione-ish. Written for my super speshul friend bk11.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Pureblooded
Summary: A life lived wrongly is still a life lived. Draco/Ginny-ish. Written for the hpvamp conversion fic exchange. Alternate Universe.

Summary: AU story that works loosely within HBP canon. Hermione Granger learns first-hand the inner workings of the human heart. Draco/Hermione. Written for dmhgficexchange.

Megalomania or Something Like It
Summary: Draco. Pansy. Written for Round 1 at ldws. Mirror of Erised challenge. 100 words.

To Cease Upon the Midnight
Summary: Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Draco struggles to tell the difference. Draco/Hermione/ Written for dmhgficexchange.

Grey's Anatomy

There Are No Others
Summary: What exactly does she want him to do? Alex/Izzie. Written for greys_exchange.

Give Me a Place to Stand and I Will Move the Earth
Summary: Those who would judge you would scoff at the notion, but this feels like a romance, whatever it is. George/Izzie. Written for greys_exchange.

HP: To Cease Upon the Midnight by eucalyptus (Draco/Hermione) [PG-13]

I forgot to post this. Gosh.

Title: To Cease Upon the Midnight
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: NOT MINE. You know the deal.
Warnings: A few canon character deaths are referred to, and there is the vaguest mention of one non-canon character death. There's also some Draco-centred angst.
Author Notes: Written for dmhgficexchange's Shine a Light exchange. The song prompt for this was Sia's Breathe Me: amazing song, amazing lyrics. Any mistakes are mine, mine, mine.

Summary: Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Draco struggles to tell the difference.

Grey's Icons #2: Episode 3x04

Grey's Anatomy Icon Post
27 icons from episode 3x04, What I Am, including
+ George/Izzie
+ Alex/Addison
+ Burke/Christina
+ Mark/Addison
+ Interns
+ Etc.

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Drabble: Megalomania or Something Like It

Title: Megalomania or Something Like It
Author: eucalyptus
Rating: G
AN: Draco. Pansy. Written for Round 1 at ldws.
Word Count: 100

The first time Draco finds the Mirror of Erised, he plays coy. He doesn’t look.

That’s not what he tells Parkinson:

“I was Minister of Magic. Even had Potter’s cracked skull as a paperweight.”

Pansy sulks. “Ew. How predictable.”

“I suppose,” he says meanly, “you were hoping I’d see you?”

The second time Draco finds the mirror, he accuses it of treachery.

This is my deepest desire?” he scoffs. “More like my worst nightmare!”

He scrambles about like a proper Slytherin. Laughs self-consciously. Threatens payback. Looks again.

Furious, Draco swats at the lightning bolt scar gracing his forehead.

(How embarrassing.)

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I can honestly say that when I created a fandom journal, making a soundtrack was the farthest thing for my mind. But sandi_wandi and I had a pact, you see. A pact to create Draco/Hermione soundtracks for each other. And because this is likely to be the first and last soundtrack I ever make, I decided to create a supermix. So this is for sandi_wandi and whomever else wants it.

there's blood on our hands
a draco/hermione soundtrack
{21 songs; rated r; windows media player playlist; mp3 format}

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